BY Russell Wardrop

DATE: 13 NOV 2019


Why you should be part of our 20th anniversary Rainmaker Masterclass!

Life Begins At Twenty… at twenty you realise adulthood is upon you. The clue might be a proper job, your first big relationship disappointment or relatives no longer slipping a tenner in your birthday card. Knowing you are all grown up is an awesome responsibility; there are times when you feel its heft. But adulthood also affords you choices.

Kissing With Confidence is 20 in 2020. We know we have grown because the journey from presentation skills to eight Glasgow lawyers in 2000 to, this week, having consultants in London, Madrid and Zurich, is significant.

The jewel in our crown is Rainmaker. The culmination of a decade of experience and research, Rainmaker invests in delegates the skills and behaviours that lets businesses grow: Kissing With Confidence Make The Rain. In terms of ROI, our data shows you can see 50 times what you invest in our Rainmaker training, with a 30% skills improvement.

Rainmaker is not for everyone and many of those who would like to “make the rain” find the investment in time and money too high.

Team KWC want to give something back. So that’s what we are doing on January 24, at the Lighthouse, in Glasgow, my home town. Delivering a limited edition, half-day Rainmaker Masterclass.

When brainstorming events for our 20th year, our Rainmaker Masterclass was top of my list. I deliver fewer gigs in Glasgow than I do anywhere else, so the notion of celebrating a personal milestone with a big group of “Weegies” is a romantic one, as well as one that will be simply terrific.

I want this Rainmaker Masterclass to be the first of a series and we already have a London date in mind. When I am delivering in London or Zurich or Madrid in the coming years, I want to open with a story about a business that started in Glasgow and grew up from and in Glasgow. Then celebrated its 20th year in Glasgow. In style.

Top three reasons to sign up for the Glasgow Rainmaker Masterclass:

• It’s an EPIC opportunity to become energised, inspired and armed with a range of tools for guaranteed business growth.

• You’ll get the inside track on how to deliver eye-watering ROI for your clients or company.

• You can take advantage of our Early Bird discount – but only for the next few weeks.

So why not join Team KWC and be part of an unforgettable experience! You can book your Early Bird place here today.

You can also find more info here.



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