virtual open programme

A modular framework of 90-minute workshops, delivered over four weeks, providing flexibility to access learning quickly and easily around other commitments. 

Book yourself onto one, two or three modules.

what you get

Here is what you get for your investment:

• Feedback from outstanding facilitators with decades of experience
• The awesome KWC Wonderwall
Fast-paced, outcome focussed action learning with no time to jet-wash the patio.





Each module will run from 12.00pm - 1.30pm.



module 1

the fundamentals of feedback

Real and helpful ‘feedback’, a word that’s synonymous with ‘criticism’ for many people, is in fact the opposite when it’s done properly. It’s a key skill for leaders, managers and even peers to develop, leading as it does to enhanced performance, engagement and retention. Learn how to do it brilliantly here.

  • The principles of feedback
  • Your own barriers to delivering it
  • Work at the level of underlying intention versus effect
  • Use the AIDE (Action, Impact, Desired outcome, Explore) model to plan your feedback
  • Dealing with reactions: face to face or online

module 2

pitching your value proposition

Thirty times a week you have 30 seconds to be compelling and unforgettable, in fact it’s often 10 seconds. Your value proposition must be good to go in 30 seconds, three minutes and 30 minutes if you want to effectively make the rain, because everyone has 695 television channels and most now have a puppy. Don’t be wallpaper. 

  • 30-3-30- how to be brilliant, from the zoom intro to the 30 minute webinar
  • The different dynamics of Virtual Pitches
  • Make it about them- The essentials of Bespoke Benefits and Relevant Features
  • Six compelling ways to pitch, from Factual to Shocking

module 3

The art of influence

Every day we use our influencing skills to try and get more of what we want. Want to eat Chinese, not Italian? Keen to get your item up the agenda? Need that manager to take on another big project? Nobody gets everything they want, but some seem to get a little bit more…

Understand the key factors at play in others you need to influence, and how to master the art of letting them have your way.

  • Likeability: it's all about you
  • Reciprocity: you scratch my back...
  • Social proof: bringing the big guns out
  • Being consistent: you said this was what you wanted
  • Authority: elegantly displaying your knowledge
  • Scarcity: well, if you don't want it...