Richard Norris is a motivational and inspiring trainer and coach. He started out as a veterinarian in Canada, moving on to take up a post as an army veterinary officer in the UK, before changing career path by undertaking an MBA at Cranfield School of Management to harness a penchant, passion and aptitude for leadership, team and personal development.

Having worked with SMEs to FTSE 100s to public sector organisations, Richard's skills, knowledge and experience through training and personal development led him to specialise in talent management, working with high performing individuals and teams to enhance personal skills and performance. During his career, Richard has won national, European and global coaching and team awards, and has been sought after as a government and corporate advisor and keynote speaker. He has authored, contributed  to and edited books and numerous blogs and articles on the subject of success and self-leadership based on his experiences.

Richard also lives by the adage, a healthy body is a healthy mind. He was a competitive swimmer for 23 years and now is a licensed swim coach volunteering at his local club. His new passion is Crossfit. Over the years he has captained, coached and motivated sports teams and individuals to realise their potential.

A lifelong learner, he has invested significantly in his own personal development and understands the power of applied learning to bring success to individuals, teams and companies. He strongly believes that inside every person, team and company is greatness and is passionate about inspiring this belief in others and helping then achieve their own success.

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