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Russell Wardrop is co founder and chief executive of Kissing With Confidence.

His vision and drive are central to the development of the business. For over 20 years he has delivered training at the highest levels and he is now a leading business speaker. He believes that delivering a keynote for three hours to 250 delegates at a conference, with a flipchart and a pen, is better than golf.

A former academic and award winning architect, he has a passion for continuous personal improvement through behavioural change and tough love. He has a keen interest in political oratory and has appeared on television on a number of occasions, offering critiques of high profile debates and political speeches.

When not on his feet, Russell is in the kitchen making soup. Or drinking coffee on the sofa while watching Twin Peaks.

Russell is an inspirational business speaker and has delivered in the UK and Barcelona, Berlin, Bern, Bordeaux, Copenhagen, Dubai, Dublin, Frankfurt, Geneva, Kirkcaldy, Istanbul, Las Vegas, La Manga, Lisbon, Madrid, Munich, New York, Oulu and Zurich.

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