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  1. #DeathByPowerpoint It's pitching enemy No. 1. Do not use it... or anything like it.
  2. #Preparation You are not good enough to wing it on the day. Know what you are going to say, who will say and how to hand over.
  3. #FinishOnTime If you go over time your prospect will hate you... and so will the last person up.
  4. #BePositive Talk about benefits, not features. In other words what your service will do for them, not to them.
  5. #Shoes Scrub up nice. A little more conservative than you would like, a little more expensive than you can afford.
  6. #FlexibleStyle Think about them more than you adapt to their behavioural style.
  7. #Questions Be genuinely curious. Your prospect will like it and you will learn what makes them tick.
  8. #Boring? There are no boring subjects, only boring speakers. Light a fire by making an emotional connection.
  9. #Energy #Spontaneity #Creativity These are the three components of a perfect pitch, make sure you have them all. Risk it for a biscuit.
  10. #NoJoking Are you Kevin Bridges?