For environmental, financial and cultural reasons, the virtual conference is here to stay. There are challenges, to be sure, such as getting a sense of the whole ‘room’ whilst sitting at the kitchen table or creating the anticipation of mingling in a new crowd. The good news, though, is the world of connecting virtually works more effectively than most would have thought possible. And it is time-efficient: the farthest you travel is to the fridge.

In 2021 we have run four Virtually Yours Conferences on REMO, attended by over 700 delegates. Since you will be going to a lot of virtual events in 2022 take a short journey through how to network in the virtual world with CEO Russell Wardrop. Shake up a cocktail, snag a bag of pickled onion Monster Munch and pucker up for some virtual kissing.

We will also be taking this opportunity to soft launch Raintruffle, an online resource exclusively for Kissing With Confidence Alumni that will offer world class learning for Rainmakers. On the night our MD Sharon McLellan and CEO Russell Wardrop will pitch the key benefits of the platform and ask you to get involved.

Tickets are FREE – but spaces are limited – so be quick if you want to join us!

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