Influence your Business Development Meetings

We hope you love the phrase “elegant persuasion”, because we do. Influencing is not about being slick or tricky. It is about the authentic you at your best, replete with the skills that improve your chances when you are at the all important business development meeting.

So if you believe influencing is about skills rather than the black arts we are on the same page. There’s empathy and listening, asking the right questions, knowing what to do with the answers and advancing to the next level with a range of terrific pitches.

All of these influence the outcome of the business development meeting.

impact & influence

Self confidence, assertiveness and listening skills and being able to remain vertical and continent when the spotlight is on you in a business meeting. That’s just some of what we cover in this one day programme called Impact & Influence.

Add in a bit of gravitas and authority, integrate some small talk, body language and personal presence, and finish it off with a memorable personal elevator pitch.

What you have is a brilliant programme for those who need to ‘step up to the plate’. Everything matters. From the shoes on your feet, to the words that come out of your mouth.

advanced impact & influence

Exceptional communication and influencing skills are critical to help you attain your strategic objectives.

In this one day programme you will learn how to flex your style, while having the required degree of gravitas and authority, whether you have 30 seconds or 30 minutes. All achieved while effortlessly displaying personal presence and charm.

Designed for those who need to lead, motivate and inspire for sure... but who also know that the buck stops with them.

Elegant persuasion, now there’s a phrase.

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