Making The Emotional Connection

Our Kissing With Confidence Method has been delivered to almost 20,000 souls in the past 17 years. It’s creative, unique and revelatory. It will change the way you approach presentations and help you make the emotional connection with the audience.

Your conference presentations, client workshops or board presentations are all career defining.

Talking of conferences, if you need an inspirational business speaker to kick off your next annual get together get in touch. We'll even take the dead spot after lunch, if you like.

Creating confidence

For many, public speaking seems like a black art, which of course it is: a black art with bright spotlights.

This one programme will show you that it is eminently masterable, and that you are far from being unique if you are overwhelmed or fearful in front of an audience.

Kissing with confidence

This one day programme is designed for experienced presenters, and focuses on the Kissing With Confidence Method for constructing and delivering a powerful presentation.

Up to 8 participants will develop quick-thinking and interactive communication skills, and learn how to speak persuasively by making the emotional connection with the audience.

How many slides...?

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